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Investment Strategies

Inland Rail Alignment Study

The Melbourne-Brisbane Inland Rail Alignment Study

In March 2008 the Australian Government asked ARTC to undertake a study of the proposed Melbourne to Brisbane inland railway, to determine an optimum alignment and to assess the financial and economic prospects of the project.

ARTC managed the study in accordance with the agreed Terms of Reference, including commissioning consultants to undertake a range of tasks.

ARTC and the consultants met a wide range of stakeholders during the study, including state and local governments, train operating companies, potential end customers and many others. The results of successive stages of the study, in the form of detailed working papers, were published on ARTC’s website and stakeholders were invited to comment on the study as it progressed.

The final report of the study was presented to the Government in July 2010.

Number Title Filesize (kb)
001 Executive Summary of Final Report 1,568
002 Information Maps  
Demand 229
Engineering 1,156
Environment 2,439
Train Operations 387
Financial/Economic Viability 388
003 Main Report 4,089
004 Appendices  
A: Glossary 128
B: Market take up 2,016
C: Design standards 220
D: Identification of route options 11,385
E: Route development 13,221
F: Maps of the proposed alignment 29,597
G: Train operations 1,370
H: Preliminary environmental assessment 587
I: Legislation review and planning approvals strategy 735
J: Capital cost and delivery program 1,338
K: Operating cost of infrastructure 225
L: Financial and economic appraisal methodology 383
M: Computable general equilibrium analysis 1,113
N: Stakeholders consulted 113
O: Bibliography and reference list 125
005 Frequently Asked Questions 675

The archived working papers from the first two stages of the study are accessible here.