About ARTC

The Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd. (ARTC) was created after the Commonwealth and State Governments agreed in 1997 to the formation of a ‘one stop shop’ for all operators seeking access to the National interstate rail network.

ARTC plays a critical role in the transport supply chain and in the overall economic development of Australia. Its network is used to move a range of commodities including general freight, coal, iron ore, other bulk minerals and agricultural products. Its network is also important in providing access for interstate and inter-city passenger services.

Across its network, ARTC is responsible for:

  • Selling access to train operators
  • The development of new business
  • Capital investment in the corridors
  • Management of the Network
  • The management of infrastructure maintenance

ARTC has invested billions of dollars to build, extend and upgrade its network to improve safety, reliability and transit times, and to allow for the capacity that the Interstate market and Hunter Valley coal chain require. In addition to ARTC’s own capital investment programs, it has also received investment funding from the Australian Government.

On the interstate network, ARTC’s customers (train operators in the main), pay a two part access charge. A fixed component, known as the flagfall, is in effect a charge for occupying capacity on the network, regardless of the size of the train. The second charge is a mass distance charge based on the gross tonnage of the train multiplied by the distance travelled.  On ARTC’s Hunter Valley Coal Network, customers consist of a number of coal producers where ARTC commits to provide sufficient capacity for contracted coal volumes based on 10 Year Take Or Pay contracts.

ARTC Charter

The Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd (ARTC) is a company under the Corporations Act whose shares are owned by the Commonwealth of Australia, which is represented by the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, and the Minister for Finance.

ARTC’s corporate charter is to:

  • Provide seamless and efficient access to users of the interstate rail network;
  • Pursue a growth strategy for interstate rail through improved efficiency and competitiveness;
  • Improve interstate rail infrastructure through better asset management and coordination of capital investment;
  • Encourage uniformity in access, technical, operating and safe working procedures; and
  • Operate the business on commercially sound principles


Corporate Vision: Make rail the mode of choice in the national logistics chain.


ARTC Values:

No Harm

In our world, safety is everything. We care about our people, environment and communities. It doesn’t matter how big or small, doing things safely means doing things right.

Future Thinking

Future thinking is in our DNA. It’s how we innovate, change the game and break through challenges and barriers. We’re leaders who think differently; curious and skilful, we challenge the status quo.

Active Engagement

We care about what matters and we’re committed to the success of our customers, stakeholders and employees. We ask questions, listen and respond to needs. We’re always on the front foot and actively engaged.


We deliver results. We’re driven by results because they lead to progress. Determined to make rail the mode of choice for freight, we work together to achieve personal, organisational and industry-wide results.

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