Hunter Valley Strategy

In the Hunter Valley, we continue to ensure that we meet capacity needs as well as delivering value for money and efficiency.

We continue to take steps to reduce the cost of operations. Our customers look to us to make the most efficient use of the network and in the past year the Hunter Valley team has made considerable improvements in operational performance by improving asset utilisation within the coal supply chain.

On 5 September 2004, ARTC commenced a 60-year lease of the interstate and Hunter Valley rail lines in New South Wales.

In early 2005, ARTC began to release annual Hunter Valley infrastructure enhancement strategies setting out how ARTC planned to ensure that rail corridor capacity in the Hunter Valley would stay ahead of coal demand.

9 January 2018 | 2017 Hunter Valley Corridor Capacity Strategy

ARTC has released the consultation draft of the 2017 Hunter Valley Corridor Capacity Strategy. The HVCCS sets out a number of volume scenarios for the Hunter Valley coal task and track investment options to ensure capacity remains ahead of contracted demand. Note that the timing of the Strategy release has been modified from this year to better align with other coal chain processes.

Any comments on the consultation draft should be directed to Derek Harris, General Manager, Corporate Strategy ( before Monday 22 January 2018.

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