Safety Alerts

For everyone’s safety, it’s important you’re up to date with the latest safety alerts.

The most recent safety alerts are on this page. For previous alerts, please refer to the Archive list.

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Alert Number
(ARTC only)
Name Alert Category Issue Date Issued by
100 Amendments to ARTC Network Rules and Procedures Safeworking Rules & Procedures 13/10/2017 ARTC
99 Wheel Nut Indicators Vehicle/Plant/Equipment 14/09/2017 ARTC
98 Maintenance of Gas Equipment Small Tools/Equipment 17/08/2017 ARTC
97 Working on Points Safeworking Rules & Procedures 11/05/2017 ARTC
96 Isuzu Truck Cabin Mount Failure Vehicle/Plant/Equipment 10/05/2017 ARTC
95 Amendments to ARTC NSW Network Rules and Procedures Safeworking Rules & Procedures 05/02/2017 ARTC
94 Angle Grinder Safety Small Tools/Equipment 14/10/2016 ARTC
93 Bench Grinder Small Tools/Equipment 26/09/2016 ARTC
92 Parking within Corridor Vehicle/Plant/Equipment 23/09/2016 ARTC
91 Road Rail Elevating Work Platforms RR1 4 EVO Vehicle/Plant/Equipment 26/08/2016 ARTC
90 Handbrakes in Hirails Vehicle/Plant/Equipment 12/08/2016 ARTC
89 Truck Rollover Vehicle/Plant/Equipment 10/08/2016 ARTC
88 Concrete Burns General 21/07/2016 ARTC
87 Victorian MTM Safeworking Competency Requirements Safeworking Rules & Procedures 19/07/2016 ARTC
86 Un-braked Flat Top Rail Trolleys – Potential for Runaway Safeworking Rules & Procedures 07/03/2016 ARTC
85 Transferring of Track Vehicles (NSW Only) Safeworking Rules & Procedures 22/02/2016 ARTC
84 Fall Restraint Equipment Selection & Use General 28/01/2016 ARTC
83 Access Roads in the Rail Corridor General 07/01/2016 ARTC
82 Engcon/Doherty Fully Automatic Quick Hitch Vehicle/Plant/Equipment 30/11/2015 ARTC
81 Star Pickets Being Left in the Rail Corridor Small Tools/Equipment 26/11/2015 ARTC
80 Wheel Nut Safety Vehicle/Plant/Equipment 12/11/2015 ARTC
79 Minimum PPE for Hot Works PPE 28/09/2015 ARTC


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