Property team

Our property team operates from our Adelaide (Corporate Head Office), Newcastle, Wagga Wagga and Sydney offices.

Property is responsible for managing:

  • All proposed entries into the rail corridor by utility providers, local Councils, individuals and/or private companies, to install cables, pipes or wires, under, over or alongside the rail track.
  • New private siding connections, leasing or licensing of existing sidings, or ARTC owned buildings and/or land.
  • Licensing of non-public road level crossings.
  • All necessary obligations associated with Heritage legislation.
  • Any potential impacts of any adjoining development, planning and Development Application matters that may affect rail operations now and in the future.

Team contacts

Paul Purcell
Manager – ARTC Property
Phone: 02 4941 9610
Paul is responsible for the overall management of the Property Division, including providing advice and recommendations to the ARTC Executive. Paul ensures legal and statutory compliance for property matters.
Colin Ahrens
Property Manager – Adelaide SA
Phone: 08 8217 4276
Colin is responsible for all property matters in SA & WA, in addition to the railway corridor from the SA border to Melbourne.
Teena Renes
Property Manager – Newcastle NSW
Phone: 02 4941 9619
Teena is responsible for all property matters in northern NSW including the Hunter Valley and the railway corridor from the NSW border to Acacia Ridge QLD.
Michael Irons
Property Manager – Wagga, Wagga NSW
Phone: 02 6939 5467
Michael is responsible for all property matters in southern and western NSW, including the railway corridor from Melbourne to Albury NSW.
Derek Rogers
Property Manager – Sydney NSW
Phone: 02 8259 0708
Derek is responsible for the management of all property matters in Sydney’s Metropolitan Freight Network.

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