ARTC – Hazard Management Program in New South Wales

Chief Operating Officer of Australian Rail Track Corporation, Wayne James said today that ARTC has had in place a hazard management program across its NSW network from the commencement of ARTC management of the NSW interstate rail network.

ARTC has managed the NSW interstate rail line since 5 September 2004 when it took a 60 year lease of the NSW interstate rail track and Hunter Valley Rail freight corridor from the New South Wales government.

ARTC has put in place and manages a hazard control system in New South Wales covering fire, weed and locust control.

“For the entire length of the open areas of the western (1900 kilometres) and southern (1200 kilometres) rail freight corridors, firebreaks are graded by ARTC.”

“ARTC operates under the state government Rural Fire Services Act, for fire hazard control and the ARTC program also operates in close cooperation with Rural Fire Services and has representation on rural Fire Services committees.” Wayne James said.

“In addition to implementation of fire hazard controls in town areas and between towns ARTC undertakes weed control programs and has entered into contracts with some Local Councils to control noxious weeds within our boundaries “

Locust control is a priority of the ARTC and its response has been through local ARTC team managers across the network supplemented by ARTC contractors where necessary.

“Up to date spraying for locust control has been treated by ARTC as a number one priority in areas in the western corridor, and spraying is still being undertaken. Local complaints have been responded to following reports from local landowners and members of the public, working closely with locust control centres. “Wayne James said.

“ARTC has and always will be responsive to any complaint and requests from landholders and the general public for any hazard control work requirements. “ Wayne James said.

Australian Rail Track Corporation commenced operations in 1998 as owner and manager of the Commonwealth interstate network in South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales, following an intergovernmental agreement reached between the Australian and mainland state governments in 1997.

Prior to 5 September 2004 the NSW interstate network was owned and operated by the NSW government.

ARTC cannot comment on operations prior to 5 September 2004.

Contact: ARTC Wayne James 0418 904 868

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