Boost to Freight Rail Between Parkes and Crystal Brook

The transport of goods East/West has been given a major boost with the completion of works to improve the capacity of the rail corridor between Parkes NSW and Crystal Brook SA.

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) has completed a $5.7 million project to increase the clearance at six structures between Parkes and Crystal Brook.

The work involved lowering the rail at nominated structures, including a number of bridges, modifying overhead services and track and signal changes at Broken Hill Railway Yard. This will allow ‘double stack’ containers to traverse the rail corridor at a height of 6.5m above rail level.

ARTC Chief Executive Officer David Marchant said that lowering the rail and double stacking containers would, in simple terms, allow more goods to be transported along the corridor using the same number of trains.

“These changes now enable double stacking from Parkes to Perth and Adelaide.”

“As our population grows, the demand for more goods to be transported efficiently will significantly increase. By better utilising rail paths through double stacking more freight can be transported on each train.”

“This upgrade will provide local industry and the community as a whole with a more efficient and cost effective transport service.”

Mr Marchant also outlined other ways the local communities would benefit from the rail upgrade.

“Every 1,500m train is the equivalent of around 100 trucks. As more goods are transported by rail, fewer trucks are needed on our major roads to move freight over large distances. This is good news for local motorists,” Mr Marchant said.

Specifically, the following six locations had clearances increased:

  • Ootha Main Road bridge NSW
  • Condobolin – McDonnell Street bridge NSW
  • Broken Hill – South Road bridge NSW
  • Broken Hill – Gypsum Street bridge NSW
  • Cockburn Overpass SA
  • Dowds Hill Tunnel near Peterborough SA

“This sort of improvement in local rail infrastructure is essential to meet future demand for goods transport. It is all part of the rebirth of freight rail as a significant transport option across Australia,” Mr Marchant said.

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