Rail Grinding Works Commence On Hunter Valley Line

As part of the ongoing investment in supporting the Hunter Valley Coal industry, the ARTC has commenced rail grinding on the Hunter Valley rail lines this week.

Rail grinding is an important procedure that ensures the profile of the rail matches the wheel profile on the train wheels.

The purpose of rail grinding is to provide a smoother wagon ride as the train traverses the corridor.

Rail grinding also combats the occurrence of ‘wheel squeal’, by allowing the wheel and the rail to engage smoothly.

This procedure will also mean a smoother ride for Country Link passengers travelling on the line and improve the overall efficiency and safety of the rail corridor.

ARTC CEO David Marchant said that this type of maintenance was part of the overall commitment to deliver a reliable and efficient rail asset to the Hunter Valley.

“Demand for Hunter Valley Coal is set to grow exponentially by 2012.  The continued investment in rail infrastructure on the Hunter Valley corridor is part of ARTC’s strategy to keep ahead of future market demands,” Mr Marchant said.

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