Work on Mount Christie Derailment Ahead of Schedule – East West Line Expected to be Open Tonight

Thanks to an outstanding effort by repair and recovery teams working on the site of a recent train derailment near Mount Christie South Australia, the ARTC expects the East West rail line to be opened late this evening.

Original estimates were that due to the severity of damage to the line and the number of wagons to recover, the track would not be opened until the afternoon of Saturday 6 September.

However latest reports from the site are that the final wagons will be removed by midday today and that repair teams will work expeditiously this evening so that the line can be opened around midnight.


At approximately 2130 Monday night a train from Melbourne bound for Western Australia derailed on the East West rail line near Mount Christie, between Tarcoola and Cook in South Australia.

The intermodal train carrying goods to Perth was proceeding into a passing loop in order to cross with a train travelling in the opposite direction.

Approximately 20m before the loop, 12 of the train’s wagons derailed, falling onto their sides and blocking the line.

The oncoming train was immediately halted.

There were no injuries associated with this incident.

Following an assessment of the accident it was discovered that the west end points had been severely damaged and in need of replacement.

In addition approximately 2.2km of track has been damaged on the east side of the east end turnout and 300mtrs of damaged track west of the west end points.

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