Crossing Loop Extended at Donnybrook

Investment in rail infrastructure in Victoria continues with the $5.2 million extension of a crossing loop at Donnybrook on the Victorian North East Line.

The existing 800m crossing loop has been extended to 2km to allow for 1500m and 1800m freight trains.

The longer loop will enable trains to pass each other efficiently as one train enters the loop and waits for a short period while the other train passes at regular speed.

The project involved a combination of the laying of 1.2km of timber sleepers, earthworks, civil works and the laying of new rail and signalling.

The extension of the crossing loop will open more rail paths along the North East Line and lead to increased efficiency and capacity as longer trains are able to utilise the loop.

The extension of the crossing loop at Donnybrook follows the ARTC lease take up of the Victorian standard gauge rail network on the 1st of December this year.

The original Interstate Infrastructure Lease between ARTC and the Victorian Government for the standard gauge rail network was due to expire in 2014. The new agreement between ARTC and the Victorian government has extend the lease by 45 years to 2059.

ARTC CEO David Marchant explained that this will allow ARTC to deliver significant infrastructure improvements to the Victorian standard gauge system.

“The length of this lease will allow sufficient time for ARTC to plan and implement practical, long term, infrastructure improvements to the rail network in Victoria.”

“Specifically, the agreement will involve converting the North East broad gauge line between Seymour and Albury to standard gauge.”

“This new agreement will see valuable long term improvements in the Victorian standard gauge rail network that will breathe new life in to freight rail in the State.”

“For ARTC it marks a significant step in improving the whole rail corridor from Melbourne through to Sydney.”

“Rail will be more than competitive again and as each 1500 metre long train can replace 100 semi trailers we could see fewer trucks on our major roads,” Mr Marchant said.

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