Update: Derailment at Wittingham

Repair and recovery work has continued ahead of schedule at the derailment site at Wittingham in the Hunter Valley.

Following the derailment of two locomotives and 8 empty wheat wagons, all derailed vehicles were clear of the track yesterday afternoon and work progressed well overnight.

Following stage one of track restoration, restricted train operations have commenced on the up main track using ‘Pilot Staff’ between Minimbah to Singleton. 

At the same time, there will be Pilot Staff working in place from Minimbah to Saxonvale Junction on the Whittingham Branch. The down main line still out.

It is expected that there will be no more than one train per hour on both the branch and main lines.

The forecast is for the down main to return to service (including signals) at 1900hrs this evening.

It is expected that the section of rail will be fully restored just after midnight Tuesday 16th/Wednesday 17th March.

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