ARTC STATEMENT: Peer review of Particulate Emissions from Coal Trains Report

“The ARTC complied with all requirements set by the NSW Environment ProtectionAgency.

The EPA set the scope and reviewed and agreed to the workplan for this study and
the initial pilot monitoring study released in 2012. Both studies used the same
statistical methodology to analyse the monitoring results.

In the EPA’s media release of 12 June 2013, they stated:

“Air quality experts from within the EPA and the Office of Environment andHeritage also independently reviewed the draft ARTC report.

The EPA made some comments to the ARTC on the draft report including
requiring further analysis, verification and discussion.

The EPA was satisfied that the ARTC addressed its comments.”


ARTC are not technical experts in the area of air quality monitoring and have relied
upon the EPA’S expert advice in finalising the report. ARTC does acknowledge the
steps taken by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to initiate further
examination of the report by independent experts and we welcome the outcome of
that work.”

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