Weather impact on ARTC network – update 10

Interstate network

North Coast

The program to return services to the mid-North Coast has been finalised and ARTC has released a preliminary forecast for completion of works.

With a consistent supply of materials continuing, weather remaining cooperative and continued positive progress of existing works, ARTC’s initial target is to reopen the track for operations on 17 May 2015.

We will constantly review this date based on site conditions and progress and will take every opportunity to bring this forecast forward if we can.

In total, there are 49 sites that require repair work of some kind, varying from minor track repairs to large washaways. As of today (30 April) 47 of the 49 sites have been completely scoped by ARTC engineers and track experts, 41 have had works commence and a large number have been completed over the last week.

Three major sites at Tocal are a key focus for the team. These sites include completely establishing new rail track from the ground up and filling-in sizeable track washaways, some greater than 10m deep and 70m wide. Geotechnical assessments have been completed at these locations and the engineering task to recover the track around Tocal is underway.

ARTC will continue to provide progress reports over the coming weeks. We thank the community and our customers for their continued patience with us as we work to recover operations as quickly and safely possible.


Media Contact: Bas Bolyn, ARTC, 0477 340 658

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