ARTC applauds safe behaviour at Mile End

After reviewing the first month of CCTV footage, the Australia Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) is pleased to report no dangerous behaviour took place at Mile End pedestrian crossing during February to March.

ARTC proposed to temporarily close the crossing in January but after feedback from the community, we agreed to keep it open conditional on safe behaviour continuing.

“We are happy to report that after the first month of CCTV monitoring, the response from the community has been great,” ARTC Infrastructure Manager East-West, Ben Leske said.

“After reviewing 30 days of CCTV footage since 15 February, we have been pleased to note no dangerous activity of people walking in behind, or through stationary freight wagons blocking the crossing.

“While there was only one extended blockage of approximately one minute during this period, in general people demonstrated great caution at the crossing.

“So while the initial CCTV may not be representative at this stage, the signs are really positive,” Mr Leske said.

“We would like to take the opportunity to again thank the community for their feedback and ideas following the initial advice around the planned temporary closure of the crossing.

“Our objective is to keep the crossing open, and feedback from members of the community to our staff who have been handing out safety flyers in February, showed a high awareness of the issues.

“We encourage the community to stay vigilant at the crossing for trains, wait for trains to fully pass through before they cross and above all, stay safe,” Mr Leske said.


Media Contact: Bas Bolyn, 0477 340 658

  • ARTC will publish the results of the CCTV monitoring on a quarterly basis on our webpage regarding the Mile End pedestrian crossing
  • The next report will be provided in three months’ time unless there is a trend of concerning behaviour that becomes apparent in the CCTV and requires immediate awareness and attention.
  • The safest way to get across the rail corridor remains Bakewell Underpass.

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