Incident between Ardglen and Kankool

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) continue to work with Aurizon to manage the recovery and safe removal of two bank locomotive engines, after they derailed  between Ardglen and Kankool on the Hunter Valley rail network on Wednesday evening at 7.50pm.

Independent safety investigators and the rail safety regulator attended yesterday afternoon and have released the site for repair and recovery work.

Recovery work commenced overnight.

Two heavy lift cranes are on site today to lift the locomotive engines. Following this, track repairs will take place.

All rail traffic has ceased in the section between Ardglen to Kankool in any direction with a planned return the service currently estimated to recommence on Sunday morning.

The site is being carefully controlled to ensure the safety of all those who are now involved in the site recovery and repair.

Further updates will be provided.



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