Update on train derailment at Inverleigh

To be attributed to an ARTC representative:

“Following a train derailment at Inverleigh, Victoria, on Monday, the Australian Rail Track Corporation has now commenced working with our customers on a recovery plan for the line and works have already begun on-site to bring the line back into service.

“ARTC has appointed a dedicated recovery team, with the support of our contractor partners, to undertake the recovery works.

“ARTC had already assembled a crew of around thirty workers at the incident site by this morning and expects to increase the on-site workforce significantly as works progress in the coming days.

“Working with our contractor partners, ARTC has already mobilised heavy machinery on-site to support repair work.

“Work has now begun on clearing the tracks, assessing the damage, and beginning the task of repairing the track.

“Our initial assessments indicate a kilometre of track has been damaged, repairing this will require the delivery on-site and installation of new ballast, rail and concrete sleepers.

“ARTC is working with our contractors to have the track up and running as soon as possible but at this stage it is difficult to put an exact timeline on the track reopening.”

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