ARTC’s Wingen mural inspired by the Upper Hunter community

  • ARTC has unveiled a new mural on the Hunter Valley Network at Wingen, New South Wales
  • Newcastle artist Dan Bianco’s design showcases the landscape and history of the region
  • Local community came together to collaborate with Dan Bianco on design inspiration

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) has unveiled a new mural painted on the Hunter Valley Network railway’s signal and communications box in Wingen, New South Wales.

ARTC commissioned Newcastle-based artist Dan Bianco to create the mural. Dan’s design was inspired by the community of Wingen, who joined him for a workshop and afternoon tea last year to discuss what locals love about the landscape, history, and wildlife of the area.

A common theme captured in the design is a strong connection to the natural environment around Wingen, including the plants and animals of the area. Of particular spiritual and cultural importance is the Wingen Maid – a rock formation in the local Wingen Maid Nature Reserve which, when viewed from certain angles, resembles the profile of a woman.

Another theme displayed in the mural is the historical importance of rail in the Wingen community. Before the Ardglen tunnel was constructed in 1877 the rail line terminated at Wingen, and the town was integral to the operation of the rail network.

Wayne Johnson, ARTC Group Executive Hunter Valley, said:

“We are proud to unveil this wonderful piece of art inspired by the Upper Hunter community, and the spirit and history of Wingen.

“Dan’s vibrant mural showcases the unique Upper Hunter region, including a range of local wildflowers and wildlife, including birds such as the king parrot and wrens. Horse-riding culture and the grazing heritage of the region are also captured.

“Rail signals play a major role in keeping our rail lines running smoothly and are instrumental in maintaining a safe environment for everyone. Having a mural that not only looks great but also shows the important message of rail safety is fantastic.

“We’d like to thank the community for providing their great ideas on the design. The mural is something the community can be proud of and that truly represents the region.”

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