About ARTC

At ARTC, our goal is to keep Australia moving.

We’re a vital link in the nation’s transport supply chain – building, maintaining and operating rail lines across the country to move freight and passengers safely, reliably, and efficiently.

More freight on rail helps ease congestion on our roads, which in turn helps make our communities safer while also significantly lowering levels of carbon emissions. Put simply, freight on rail is good for businesses, motorists, the environment, and local communities across Australia.

We continue to invest in our 8,500km rail network which spans five states, 39 worksites and the lands of more than 50 First Nations.

World-class projects like Inland Rail are an example of how we’re expanding and modernising our network to bolster the national economy. A once-in-a-generation project, Inland Rail will complete the backbone of Australia’s freight network and enhance supply chains by facilitating train journeys of less than 24 hours between Melbourne and Brisbane.

Today, we employ more than 2,000 people who help manage the transit of around 440 passenger and freight trains every day. And as we further develop our network to be increasingly resilient, responsive, and digitally enabled, we will continue to enhance the connections between our regions, cities, and ports for the good of our economy and the Australian public.

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