About ARTC

At ARTC, we exist to keep Australia moving.

Established in 1998, we’re a vital link in the nation’s transport supply chain – maintaining and operating rail lines across the country to help move freight and passenger trains.

As one of the largest rail network managers in Australia, our 8,500km network spans five states, 39 worksites and the lands of more than 50 First Nations.

We’re unashamed champions of rail as a safe, responsible and cost efficient way to transport people and products.

In fact, our people manage the transit of more than 430 trains every day to connect our regions, cities and ports.

That’s a lot of trains which help generate cost savings for customers, safety benefits for motorists, and environmental advantages for the planet when compared to other modes of transport.

We’re proud of the role we play and we’ll continue to modernise our network, which will be further expanded in the future when a new 1,600km freight line connecting Melbourne and Brisbane is completed by Inland Rail Pty Ltd – a subsidiary of ARTC.

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