Kylie Gallasch

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your heart on fire” [Jennifer Lee]

During Kylie’s tenure at ARTC, the company has grown from a passionate organisation of less than 100, to a fearless team of 1,300+ and she feels proud to have played her role in the growth and success of our business.

Kylie has been with ARTC for 19 years and currently holds the role of Group Executive Corporate Services & Safety.

Kylie’s employment with ARTC initially focused on commercial and financial disciplines, which, as a result of a significant track record of achievement, has now expanded into risk and safety, technology and procurement.

Her current portfolio is responsible for the key elements of:

  • Risk & Safety (including WHS and Environment)
  • Procurement & Contracts
  • Technology & Systems
  • Engineering Technical Standards

During her tenure at ARTC, Kylie has held other key management roles and played a major part in delivering significant change to the organisation.

Kylie brings a finely tuned understanding of our customers’ needs and our commercial drivers to develop and implement strategy that supports our company’s priorities.

She has played a significant role in a number of important projects and initiatives throughout our company’s history, including the take up of New South Wales Infrastructure Maintenance in 2004, the Privatisation Scoping Study, and a number of commercial opportunities ARTC has explored over the years, while developing our finance strategies and systems to respond to emerging challenges.

Her drive, coupled with over 10 years in the banking and finance sector, has enabled Kylie to give back to both the ARTC community through leadership and mentoring and the South Australian community at large.

Kylie has recently completed a five and a half year appointment on the Mary MacKillop Care SA Ltd Board as both Director and Company Secretary, as well as Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee following the successful amalgamation with Calvary Care in June 2017. Kylie continues to be a member of the Saint Ignatius College Finance and Legal Committee and is the Treasurer of the Parents & Friends Association.

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