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Carolyn Blom, Service Delivery Manager at Network Control Centre West in Mile End, Adelaide, is an integral part of our Interstate business operations. Simon Ormsby, Group Executive Interstate Network, describes her as “an expert in her field, highly- trained and skilled, prepared for a crisis, while always maintaining a level head to keep our network moving.”

Carolyn and her team have implemented new ways of working to enable us to fulfill our critical role for the business, the industry, and the Australian economy.

“While the pandemic has been a unique scenario, our robust Business Continuity Plans have enabled us to adapt and mobilise quickly to ensure continuity of operations and to keep people safe,” Carolyn said.

“Our Network Control is a confined environment with more than 50 train transit managers and network controllers – so if anyone contracted COVID it could significantly impact operations across the country. Our function is critical in keeping goods moving.

“A backup control room at Mile End was established at the beginning of the pandemic and a second one at Kidman Park in Adelaide’s west opened in June 2021 – both were set up without impacting customer service delivery.

“And as part of our response to the pandemic we moved our customer meetings with VLine, Pacific National and NSW Trains online to improve efficiencies and to keep people safe. To further improve customer service, we’re investing in noise mitigating upgrades to NCCW, which is about safety and clear communications between NC and drivers and track workers.

“We worked quickly to ensure we maintained service through the pandemic, and we kept moving on some critical improvement programs such as Wayside Report and Advanced Train Management System (ATMS) training roll-out. To date, more than 25 network controllers and train transit managers have been trained throughout 2020-21.”

Carolyn is proud of the critical role her team plays in keeping Australia moving.

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