Message from Mark

Hi everyone,

Welcome to ARTC Rail News – a new regular newsletter to keep you up to date with what’s happening at ARTC.

I’ve been at the helm as CEO for over 12 months now and am relishing being part of Australia’s rail industry, which has long been a crucial driver of the nation’s economic growth.

While the outlook for rail in this country is also bright, it’s become clear to me that ARTC must do more to help secure the industry’s future.

In addition to continuing our investment in major rail infrastructure projects to enhance the safety, reliability and efficiency of our network, our research tells us we need to collaborate more with our stakeholders – including our customers and the local communities in which we operate.

This newsletter is an example of the many actions we know we need to take to be more open with our stakeholders. We want to improve the way we share information and ideas, which will hopefully lead to better relationships and better outcomes across the board.

We also know that we need to be more active in promoting the many advantages of rail in Australia to increase the volume of freight we help move. Because ultimately, we’re in this together, and a stronger industry benefits us all.


Mark Campbell

CEO and Managing Director, ARTC

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