Why Join Us

We attract and develop people who share our values of No Harm, Future Thinking, Active Engagement and Results. We strive towards providing a long-term future for the business as a whole and the individuals within it.

We take pride in offering a range of benefits to our employees and have listed these below.

Development and Talent Management

ARTC recognises the importance of every individual in its team in achieving the overall goals and objectives of the business. Our employees have individual development plans which map out their development over a defined period. Employees and managers discuss their performance objectives and agree what development will assist them to achieve individual and corporate goals.

ARTC provides traineeships to attract new employees into the rail industry. Traineeships provide you with on and off-the-job training to enhance skills and knowledge to support your future career in rail.

ARTC is committed to developing our people to meet their full potential in their current role as well as prepare them to take on their next challenge.  Our talent process enables the right person to be internally promoted and advance their careers.

Employee bonus scheme

Eligible employees participate in an employee bonus scheme which reflects how well ARTC has performed against its corporate objectives.

Employee assistance program

ARTC offers a free counselling and support service to employees and their families for issues that may disrupt wellbeing and work effectiveness. The service is available 24hours/day 7days/week and can be utilised for personal and work-related issues. The service is strictly confidential.

Flexible Working Arrangements

ARTC can provide flexible working arrangements where the operational requirements of the role can be met. Examples of the flexible arrangements available include: part-time positions, working full-time hours over a condensed working week, job share, later start / earlier finish times to accommodate school drop offs and pick-ups and working from home arrangements.

Parental leave

As well as ensuring our eligible employees have access to their minimum entitlements, we provide additional benefits to parents who are starting or growing their family. Some of these benefits include 14 weeks full pay (or 28-weeks leave at half pay), secondary carer leave and superannuation payments whilst on paternity leave.

Domestic Violence leave

We care for the safety and wellbeing of our people and are committed to a workplace culture where our people are safe, respected and feel valued. Domestic Violence is serious; therefore, we can make a difference to employees by providing a safe environment and specific support measures to assist our employees.

Sick and Carers leave

As well as ensuring our employees have access to their minimum entitlements, our employees also have access to additional sick leave.

Relocation assistance

We have a number of arrangements in place for relocation of employees and new starters to different regions or offices for a new position, development opportunity or promotion.

Fitness passport

We’re committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our people and creating a healthier and safer workplace. We want all our people to actively care for themselves through healthy lifestyles and behaviours, so we have procured several partnerships to help you make healthy choices inside and outside work. Our employees enjoy access to Fitness Passport which provide access to a wide variety of gyms, pools and fitness outlets for our people at discounted rates. 

Discount partners

We offer discounted personal travel including flights, accommodation and car hire. We also partner with multiple banks to offer discounted banking services and our employees are able to purchase computer equipment at a discounted price.

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