ARTC Heritage

Australian Rail Track Corporation is responsible for managing a large property portfolio across multiple states.  This portfolio is diverse and includes all aspects of Australia’s heritage such as Aboriginal heritage, archaeology, movable heritage, the built environment and natural and cultural landscapes.

The community expects ARTC, as the custodians of this rich and diverse heritage estate, to effectively use and maintain these valued places in accordance with relevant requisitions and community expectations.

We are committed to recognising and protecting Australia’s railway heritage. Following heritage management best practices and working with the community, this will ensure our heritage assets are well-looked-after for the community and into the future.

ARTC is also committed to identifying and preserving Aboriginal Cultural Heritage. We will do this through working collaboratively with Aboriginal parties in project areas where there is the potential to identify Cultural Heritage.

Heritage and Conservation Register

Many of a state’s heritage items are owned or managed by State Government agencies.

Under Section 170 of the NSW Heritage Act 1977, a state government agency must keep, administer make available for review, a database of heritage assets called a “Heritage and Conservation Register”.

The Heritage and Conservation Register is an important resource to be used for making decisions about maintaining, conserving and making changes to heritage assets.

Heritage and Conservation Register

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