Melbourne-Serviceton & Albury Corridor

ARTC Melbourne - Crystal Brook Corridor Map

To access information relating to the Melbourne-Serviceton & Albury corridor line segments select a book number or line diagram link from the table below.

Network Control Board Area Covered Book Number NIB Diagrams Line Diagram Posted
Vic North / West Pyrenees (inclusive) to Wolseley (exclusive) and Maroona (exclusive) to Portland (exclusive) OGW-30-06 Line Diagram 21 Oct 2016
Vic South / West Tottenham (exclusive) to Pyrenees (exclusive) OGW-30-05 Line Diagram 21 Oct 2016
Melbourne Metro Somerton (exclusive) to Moonee Ponds Creek, Appleton Dock and North Dynon (inclusive) OGW-30-04 Line Diagram 21 Oct 2016
Main South C Albury (inclusive) to Somerton Vic (inclusive) & Benalla (inclusive) to Oaklands (inclusive) OGW-30-30 NIB Diagrams Line Diagram 02 Aug 2019

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