Melbourne to Serviceton & Albury Corridor

ARTC Melbourne - Crystal Brook Corridor Map

To access information relating to the Melbourne to Serviceton & Albury corridor line segments select a book number or line diagram link from the table below.

NOTE: Network Information Books must be used in conjunction with these diagrams for more detailed operational information. Do not rely solely on these diagrams. 

Network Control Board Area Covered Book Number NIB Diagrams Line Diagram Posted
Vic North / West Pyrenees (inclusive) to Wolseley and Maroona (exclusive) to Portland (exclusive) OGW-30-06 NIB Diagrams Line Diagram 19 Apr 2021
Vic South / West Tottenham (exclusive) to Pyrenees (exclusive) OGW-30-05 NIB Diagrams Line Diagram 12 Oct 2021
Melbourne Metro Somerton (exclusive) to Moonee Ponds Creek, Appleton Dock and North Dynon (inclusive) OGW-30-04 NIB Diagrams Line Diagram 19 Oct 2020
Main South C Albury (inclusive) to Somerton Vic (inclusive) & Benalla (inclusive) to Oaklands (inclusive) OGW-30-30 NIB Diagrams Line Diagram 23 Sep 2021

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