Route Standards

The terms and conditions upon which access is granted to the ARTC network are specified in an Access Agreement negotiated between ARTC and the Operator.

Operators seeking to operate on our network also require accreditation in accordance with the Rail Safety Act for each State in which operation is intended.

The Route Access Standard (RAS) contains interface requirements for access to the ARTC Network and has been published for use by current and potential Operators for the development of their operating plans. This standard contains important infrastructure and operational information about our network.

We are currently transitioning from the ARTC TOC Manual and NIC Plan (TA02) to the RAS. Large sections of these have been replaced by the RAS. The clauses which no longer apply are shown in pale (grey) font and/or watermarked to clearly identify they no longer apply and the RAS is the document to use. The remnant sections which still apply are shown in normal (black) font.

TOC Waivers will continue to be issued only for the registration of rolling stock and non-standard working on the NSW/QLD network, and Train Notices in SA/WA/VIC.

Registration of track operated maintenance vehicles is via Aquipa in accordance with EPP-32-01 Track Maintenance Vehicle Registration and Operation.

Rail infrastructure managers are shown on the map below. For details of route standards for these organisations, please refer to the links below.


route standards map

For information relating to other rail networks, please visit:

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