Route Access Condition Notice (Amendments)

Route Access Condition Notice’s (RACN’s) outline the conditions by which work that constitutes a deviation from the Route Access Standard is permitted on the ARTC Network.

Step 1 – Notes to consider when reading Route Access Condition Notices

  • RACNs detail all changes to the General Information and Section Pages of our Route Access Standard (RAS)
  • Permanent RACNs are periodically added to the RAS and archived.
  • All current RACNs listed here must be read in conjunction with the RAS.

Step 2 – Not clear for you, please contact:

  1. Not understanding Route Access Condition Notice’s in relation to your work:
  2. Webpage (including links):

step 3 – Route access condition notice’s

Current RACNs

Number Subject Distribution Date
No current RACNs

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