Route Access Condition Notices

Route Access Condition Notices (RACNs) outline the conditions by which a temporary deviation from the access conditions outlined in the Route Access Standard (RAS) is permitted on the ARTC Network.

Step 1 – Notes to consider when reading Route Access Condition Notices

  • RACNs detail approved temporary deviations from the access conditions outlined in the RAS
  • All current RACNs listed here must be read in conjunction with the RAS.

Step 2 – Not clear for you, please contact:

  1. Not understanding RACNs in relation to your work:
  2. Webpage (including links):

step 3 – Route access condition notices

Current RACNs

Number Title Effective Period
23-001 Guidance for determining trailing load limits 12/09/23 – 12/09/24
23-010 Restricted Operation of AQHY on the ARTC Network 19/06/23 – 19/06/24
23-016 Operation of EV120 on the ARTC Broad Gauge Network 28/09/23 – Until Published
23-018 Restricted Operation of ADGY Crew Wagon on the ARTC Network 28/08/23 – 28/08/24
23-020 Interim Route Capacity 23TAL operations Auscott Siding to Moree 666km (extension to RACN 23-005) 10/10/23 – 10/10/24
23-022 Operation of 21TAL wagons at 60km/h on Central and North West Routes (extension to RACN 23-008)  Incorporated into RAS Section Pages I4 & I7
24-001 Trial Operation of Aurizon’s WDP Coal Train to NCIG 06/03/24 – 06/03/25
24-002 Trial of distributed power Coal train between Tahmoor to Unanderra 06/03/24 – 06/03/25
24-003 Trial Operation of Aurizon’s WDP Coal Train Tahmoor to SSFL 06/03/24 – 06/03/25
24-005 Double Stacking of Half Height Containers to Permissible Rolling Stock Outlines 28/05/24 – Until Published
24-008 SSR ECP trial on the Unanderra to Moss Vale line (UP) 21/06/24 – 20/12/24
24-009 Operation of QUBE steel train 20/06/24 – 20/12/24

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