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Buzzwords such as pivot, agile and adapt became part of the vernacular in 2020 and ARTC’s Carolyn Blom, Service Delivery Manager Network Control Centre West, has exemplified them all.

“Our network control centre is a very confined environment which operates 24/7 with a team of more than 50 train transit managers and network controllers. If anyone contracted COVID, we’d have to shut down operations and freight trains would stop moving,” said Carolyn, who joined ARTC in 2018.

“Our function has been critical in keeping goods moving across the nation to ensure shelves remain stocked for Australians.”

Carolyn and her team had to pivot their operations swiftly by implementing a raft of strict preventative measures to protect our essential workers and enable us to fulfil our critical role, including:

  • A new roster system, reducing the risk of cross-contamination
  • Segregating NCCW, accessible to essential workers only
  • Temperature checks at the start of each shift
  • Increasing cleaning services to every 12 hours
  • Hand sanitizer stations
  • Building a backup control room.

These new ways of working have remained in place in 2021 as the safety of our people is ARTC’s number one priority.

“My team has been very adaptable and dependable – committed to keeping Australia moving. We are now working more effectively together, and it has also reinforced the importance of the network control function for the business, the industry and the Australian economy,” she said.

When Carolyn isn’t at work leading her team, she’s at home leading her blended family of six including husband Simon and children Saskia, 11, Luka, 14, Ashlee, 20 and Chloe, 22.

Carolyn loves cooking and maintains she makes the best lasagne, which has been a family favourite for more than 20 years! She is also a keen traveller and can’t wait for international travel restrictions to ease, counting New York as one of her favourite destinations.

Thanks for sharing your Inside Track story Carolyn.


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