Rail Safety

Rail is acknowledged as being a safer means of transport than road.

Over longer distances, moving your freight by rail is not only cost-efficient, but provides the peace of mind that comes with being the safest form of land transport to move goods. With an increasing freight task, more goods moved on our roads will only cause further congestion and accidents on our roads.

  • Transporting your freight by rail can help prevent, and reduce, road fatalities and road trauma. Over 200 people die every year from heavy vehicle crashes and over 1500 people a year are hospitalised from these incidents.
  • The cost to the Australian economy of heavy vehicle accidents has been estimated at up to $3 billion every year.
  • The accident cost associated with road freight transport is ten times that for rail freight transport on a per tonne kilometre basis.

If you’re solely relying on road transport, consider how you can achieve balance in your supply chain and help make our roads safer by using rail.

Finally, rail freight is also more secure – it is more difficult to steal goods from a train than from a truck.

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