Reduce your Costs with Rail

Transport is one of the largest supply chain costs for businesses in Australia. Over long distances, trains burn less fuel and carry far higher volumes than road freight, which translates to significant cost savings.

That’s better for your bottom line and better for your business.

  • Longer, modern and more powerful trains are carrying bigger tonnages, more efficiently
  • Powerful new AC traction engines have increased maximum haulage capacity by up to 35 per cent and the total payload of each train by up to 400 tonnes
  • A single 1800m, double-stacked train carries the equivalent of up to 108 B Doubles of freight on a single journey
  • A single 1500m long train service carries more than 60 B Doubles worth of freight
  • Innovative wagon and container designs are delivering better tonnages and unit pricing, improved point-to-point loading, and more efficient pick-up and delivery.

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