Notices, Waivers and Alerts

The information on this page is for Rail Infrastructure Maintainers, Rolling Stock Operators, Third Party’s, Contractors, or ARTC employees seeking to access our rail corridors.

SAFE Notice   Provides notice of changes or exceptions to ARTC Network Information Books (NIBs) and ARTC publications affecting the network.
Train Notice   Provides notice of additional train movements or cancellations, out of gauge loading, level crossing upgrades, track Under bored, third party works adjacent to the ARTC Network etc. (Accessed through WebRAMS)
Standing Train Notice   Provides notice of temporary or permanent alterations to the ARTC Network.
Route Access Condition Notices   RACNs outline the conditions by which a temporary deviation from the Route Access Standard (RAS) is permitted on the ARTC Network.
Train Operating Conditions Waivers   TOC Waivers detail all changes to the General Instructions and Section Pages of the ARTC TOC Manual, operation of new and modified rolling stock and plant and equipment, and any non-standard working on the NSW/QLD network.
Temporary Speed Restriction   A TSR overrides any existing higher permanent speed on a section of track for a period of time due to infrastructure conditions, or risks to track workers or weather conditions. (Accessed through WebRAMS (SA & Vic) and TrackSpeed (NSW))
Train Alteration Advice   A TAA is a customer information sheet outlining forecasted potential impacts to train running and some types of ad hoc services. Track work plans, heritage and work trains, and alterations to the Master Train Plan (MTP) are examples of what would be included on a TAA.
Management of Weather Events   In our commitment to safety and preparedness, explore our guidelines and weather alerts to manage and respond effectively to weather-related events.

Supporting Operational Information

Supporting Engineering Information

Network Rules and Procedures Route Access Standard (RAS)
Safety Management System (SMS) Train Operating Conditions (TOC) Manual
Network Information Books (NIB)
Environment Management System (EMS)
Safety & Environment Communications
Master Train Plan
Request a Train Path
WebRAMS Access
Track Maintenance Operation & Registration (AQUIPA)

Supporting Forms and Procedures

OPE-FM-045 Operational Notice
OPE-WI-027 Request for Operational Notice


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