AQUIPA (Track Maintenance Vehicle Register)

Aquipa is a cloud-based asset management system that ARTC uses as an online Track Maintenance Vehicle Register.

Step 1 – Notes to consider regarding AQUIPA

  • All rail track operated maintenance vehicles must be registered with ARTC on Aquipa prior to use on the network.
  • The procedure for registering track maintenance vehicles is outlined in EPP-32-01 – Track Maintenance Vehicle Registration and Operation.
  • Procedures relating to Plant can be found at:
  • TOC Waivers, listings in the TOC Manual, or signed PP124 Forms are no longer accepted for the registration of track maintenance vehicles on the ARTC Network.
  • If you are new to Aquipa, you can register an account here.
  1. Aquipa Knowledge Base (Useful Tutorials):
  2. Not understanding Aquipa in relation to your work:

step 3 – aquipa

Sample images below indicate what AQUIPA will look like.

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