Advanced Train Management System (ATMS)

ATMS will provide significantly upgraded capabilities to the rail industry of Australia through improving rail network capacity, operational flexibility, train service availability, transit times, rail safety and system reliability.

The system will:

  • Replace trackside signalling with in-locomotive displays of authorities to drivers
  • Provide precise location of trains both front and rear
  • Provide new digital network control centres, each capable of controlling all traffic on the ARTC national network
  • Provide a back up capability in the event of failure at one control centre
  • Provide enforcement of authorities on each locomotive if a train is at risk of exceeding its authority
  • Provide switch settings and automatic route clearances
  • Provide information (voice and data) to all locomotives via the Telstra 3G National Network.

ATMS is expected to deliver the following benefits:

  • Increased rail capacity through closer train operation
  • Improved reliability through better on-time performance
  • Improved efficiency and flexibility of the rail network
  • Increased safety through authority and speed limit enforcement
  • Additional protection for trackside workers
  • Operator savings through less fuel consumption, less wear of wheels and brakes, and fewer train crew hours
  • Reduced operation and maintenance cost for the trackside infrastructure

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