Euroa Goods Shed

As Reference Design progressed for Inland Rail in Euroa, it’s become evident the Goods Shed needs to be removed to enable modifications to the railway station precinct.

ARTC commissioned an independent structural engineering assessment of the Goods Shed to understand the condition of the building and its potential for repurposing some elements.

The report details the severe dilapidated condition of the structure, the risk to public safety and need for its removal. It concludes that due to the severity of dilapidation only items of significance may be salvageable.

An Interim Protection Order (IPO) was placed on the Goods Shed by the Heritage Council of Victoria in November 2023. While the Heritage Council deliberates on its decision, removal works are prohibited. As removal did not occur within the recommended timeframe, a follow-up inspection to reassess the structural condition was undertaken. The report received in February 2024 advised the worsening condition of the building and recommended demolition as soon as possible.

Read the engineering report

Read the follow-up report

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