Drought Appeal

Helping Affected Farmers

For two years, we have been watching the effects of the drought sweep across our nation, impacting more and more communities. Our farmers – and those townships that support them – have reached crisis point.

We’ve been wanting to lend a hand in a meaningful way, one that will help with the longer-term rejuvenation of the land once this temporary drought has run its course. Many of the people affected live and work around our rail network and we have a great opportunity to help.

For some time, we’ve had a productive relationship with Landcare Australia and we’ve been working in recent times to rehabilitate degraded railway land at Mile End, Adelaide, introducing native plant species to beautify the area and awarded Junior Landcare Grants to 29 Hunter Valley schools that neighbour our rail network.

Landcare is looking to roll out localised programs to equip farmers with the right knowledge and tools integral to surviving the drought and maintaining a sustainable income source for the future. We are throwing our support behind this great cause, matching dollar-for-dollar donations made by our staff and contractors in the lead-up to Christmas.

Here is a link to Landcare’s drought appeal video: Link

You can donate to the great work Landcare Australia is doing during the drought here.

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