North East Rail Line Upgrade

Improving reliability and ride quality for passengers on North East rail line services

We know improving rail services is important to the communities of North East Victoria.

The North East line upgrade project will:

  • Improve passenger service reliability by upgrading track condition and addressing the main causes of delays
  • Improve ride quality and comfort for travelers by reducing bumps experienced during travel
  • Reduce the causes of major delays that can impact services such as signal failures due to signal wire theft.

The Australian Government has committed $235 million to this project which will upgrade the entire rail line from Melbourne to Albury/Wodonga. The improvements will bring the North East line up to a ‘Victorian Class 2’ track performance standard, in line with other long-distance regional rail lines in Victoria.


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Upcoming Community Events

We are committed to working closely with the community and other stakeholders as the North East Line Upgrade project progresses.

Upcoming information sessions and community events will be listed below. Please come visit us to find out more about the project, provide your feedback or ask us questions.

Euroa Information Session
13 September 2019
11am – 3pm
IGA Supermarket, corner of Binney and Brock Streets, Euroa

All about the work

What improvements are happening and where?

  • Install two new sets of crossovers between Seymour and Benalla to improve track access for work crews to minimise disruption of the works program. Crossovers also allow greater operational flexibility helping to maintain reliability.
  • Add, replace and compact new railway ballast (the rocks around the track). This provides a stable base for train operations by improving the track’s foundation and drainage.
  • Remove mud-holes where ballast has been contaminated to improve drainage.
  • Resurfacing including packing and compacting more ballast in-between the rail and sleepers.
  • Upgrade the track machinery (turnouts) that enable trains to be guided from one track to another, such as at a railway junction.
  • Relocate overhead signal wires to underground to decrease risk of signal failures due to trees falling on wires or line wire theft.
  • Install additional backup power supplies including solar in some locations to minimise signal outages due to power supply.
  • Drainage improvements by creating and reforming trackside drainage to ensure water flows away from tracks properly.
  • Grind rail tracks so there is a smoother, even interface between the track and wheels of the train.
  • Replace older timber top bridges with new concrete and ballast top bridges.
  • Improve the track at level crossing to make journeys smoother.

Watch the video below to see the extent and locations of the planned improvement works.

When is it happening?

Early works have started and main works are expected to commence by Q4 2019 with project completion in 2021.

Who is doing the work?

ARTC is delivering the project on behalf of the Australian and Victorian governments.

We are working closely with Victorian transport agencies including V/Line, Public Transport Victoria, Transport for Victoria and Rail Projects Victoria to deliver the project in support of the Regional Rail Revival program, which is upgrading regional passenger train lines right across Victoria.

Experts from a range of organisations worked with us to prepare, review and validate the scope of works for the North East Line Upgrade project. To ensure upgrades improve train service reliability for passengers, we have:

  • gathered feedback and data from V/Line, Public Transport Victoria, high-tech track recording machines, train drivers, passengers and the community
  • reviewed all factors that delay or disrupt V/Line trains and are targeting works to reduce these impacts and make train services more reliable
  • initiated an independent review of the works, methodology and delivery plan. The review has been undertaken by Monash University’s Institute of Railway Technology and a summary report is available here.

What work has already been done on the North East line?

Last year we delivered around $4M of work  that included:

  • Undercutting to improve drainage and remove contaminated ballast
  • Bridge improvement works
  • Track tamping or resurfacing to help smooth out the track and reduced V/Line speed restrictions. You can watch a video of the tamping machine in action below to see how it compacts the ballast around the sleepers.

Early works, that will pave the way for major works, are also underway. This includes priority mudhole removal, commencing resurfacing to more than 110 level crossings and starting more than 120 rail bridge upgrades.

Installation of two new sets of crossovers between Seymour and Benalla is another important part of early works and is occurring at the end of August 2019 during our annual planned track possession. More details of the possession can be found here.

Suppliers and Contractors

We encourage suitably qualified, locally-based companies in North East Victoria to bid for works and supply/material packages related to this project. For relevant tenders associated with this project, please visit TenderLink:

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