Safety Alerts Archive

The below are previously issued Safety Alerts. Please return to the main Safety Alerts page for a list of the most recent issued.

Alert Number (ARTC only) Name Alert Category Issue Date Issued by
78 Faulty RailTech Base Plates Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 07/09/2015 ARTC
77 Recovery of Vehicles Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 04/09/2015 ARTC
76 Passing Signals at STOP and the Use of An Infrastructure Booking Authority (IBA) Safeworking Rules & Procedures 03/09/2015 ARTC
75 Use of enclosed protective glasses when working with equipment that generate small flying particles – WITHDRAWN please see alert no.79 PPE 20/08/2015 ARTC
74 Amendments to ARTC NSW Network Rules and Procedures – PTOS Safeworking Rules & Procedures 09/02/2015 ARTC
73 Safety Alert – Aluminothermic Welding Small tools/equipment 10/12/2014 ARTC
72 Parallel Lines Protection in Victoria Safeworking Rules & Procedures 31/10/2014 ARTC
71 Emergency Equipment for Infrastructure Maintenance Rolling Stock Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 10/10/2014 ARTC
70 Track Vehicles at F Type Level Crossings Safeworking Rules & Procedures 22/08/2014 ARTC
N/A Inspection of Couplings on Trailers Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 19/08/2014 External
69 Incident Management General 12/06/2014 ARTC
N/A Permit to Work General 31/03/2014 External
N/A Quick Hitch Alert Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 18/03/2014 External
N/A Flashback Arrestors General 11/03/2014 External
N/A Excavator Strikes Fuel Truck Following Refuelling Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 07/03/2014 External
68 Accessing Truck Platforms Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 04/02/2014 ARTC
N/A Worker Cut LV Cable General 01/02/2014 External
N/A Lesson Learnt – Worker Struck by Excavator Bucket Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 19/12/2013 External
N/A Coupling Systems and Brake Systems Fitted to Infrastructure Trolleys and Trailers Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 18/11/2013 External
N/A Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 04/11/2013 External
N/A Worker struck by reversing truck and trailer Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 30/10/2013 External
66 Hammer Inspections Small tools/equipment 25/10/2013 ARTC
67 Planning Work in the Rail Corridor and Lookout Working Safeworking Rules & Procedures 25/10/2013 ARTC
N/A Rail Tensor Saddle Snapped Small tools/equipment 16/10/2013 External
65 Track Force Protection – Country Regions and Communications Safeworking Rules & Procedures 16/09/2013 ARTC
64 Pressurised Canister and Spray Cans General 03/07/2013 ARTC
N/A Derailers – Failure to derail due to faulty design, installation, maintenance or operation Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 26/04/2013 External
N/A Demo Saw Laceration Small tools/equipment 15/04/2013 External
N/A Missing Spreader Bar on Twin Lid Pit General 25/03/2013 External
N/A Failure of Lifting Clutch Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 13/02/2013 External
63 Mobile Plant and Equip on Worksites and Mobile Phone Use Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 21/12/2012 ARTC
N/A Use of Petrol-driven Stihl Saw Small tools/equipment 27/11/2012 External
61 Amendments to ARTC Rules ANTR 406 and ANSG 604 Safeworking Rules & Procedures 04/09/2012 ARTC
62 TWA NSW Safeworking Rules & Procedures 04/09/2012 ARTC
N/A Serious Foot Injury General 01/08/2012 External
N/A Crushed Finger Injury General 13/07/2012 External
60 Using Hi-Ab Cranes Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 05/07/2012 ARTC
59 SSFL and MFN Rules Changes (replaces Alert no.56) Safeworking Rules & Procedures 02/07/2012 ARTC
57 Engaging Hi-rail Equipment Hi-rail 12/06/2012 ARTC
58 Slips, Trips and Falls General 12/06/2012 ARTC
56 SSFL and MFN Rule Changes Safeworking Rules & Procedures 07/06/2012 ARTC
N/A Safe Operation of Franna Cranes Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 21/05/2012 External
N/A Safe Uses of Quick Hitches Excavators General 01/02/2012 External
55 Obligations Under the OHS Act 1991 WHS Act 30/10/2011 ARTC
54 NSW Securing Loads on Vehicles Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 14/10/2011 ARTC
52 Notification of Changes to PWB and WPP Safeworking Rules & Procedures 27/09/2011 ARTC
51 Reptile Sightings General 30/08/2011 ARTC
N/A Snake Season Bulletin General 25/08/2011 ARTC
50 Working in the Danger Zone Safeworking Rules & Procedures 28/07/2011 ARTC
49 Accessing and Egressing from Vehicles Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 11/07/2011 ARTC
48 Notification of Changes ARTC Rules ANRF 000 Safeworking Rules & Procedures 21/06/2011 ARTC
47 MFN and SSFL Changes Safeworking Rules & Procedures 10/06/2011 ARTC
46 Notification of Changes to WPP and PWB Safeworking Rules & Procedures 15/04/2011 ARTC
N/A General 04/04/2011 External
N/A Small tools/equipment 25/03/2011 External
N/A Insect Information General 12/03/2011 External
N/A Energy Saving Bulbs Warning General 11/02/2011 External
N/A Rove Beetles General 09/02/2011 External
45 Use of Flashing Beacons to Improve Night Work General 12/01/2011 ARTC
N/A Worker Injured with Backhoe Bucket Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 08/12/2010 External
42 Eyes – You Only Have Two of Them PPE 23/11/2010 ARTC
43 Track Occupancy Authority Safeworking Rules & Procedures 23/11/2010 ARTC
44 New Rule ANWT310 and ANPR711 LOW Safeworking Rules & Procedures 23/11/2010 ARTC
41 ANWT308, ANPR703 Safeworking Rules & Procedures 24/06/2010 ARTC
N/A Re-assessing Risks in a cChanging Work Environment General 10/06/2010 External
N/A Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 18/02/2010 External
N/A Snakes General 06/01/2010 External
40 Working on Track with Mobile Plant and Machinery Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 24/12/2009 ARTC
N/A Rail Trolley Injury Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 06/11/2009 External
39 Mobile Phone Use General 22/10/2009 ARTC
N/A Filling Fuel Containers Safely General 01/09/2009 External
N/A Health and Hygiene – Flu Season General 29/05/2009 ARTC
N/A Excavator Rollover and Trench Collapse General 01/05/2009 External
37 Infrastructure Booking Authority Safeworking Rules & Procedures 30/01/2009 ARTC
38 Working at Track Circuited Level Crossings Safeworking Rules & Procedures 30/01/2009 ARTC
36 TOA Attention Protection Officers Safeworking Rules & Procedures 29/01/2009 ARTC
N/A Light Vehicle Rim Cracking Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 18/11/2008 External
N/A Worker Dies After Being Struck by Rubbish Truck General 06/11/2008 External
N/A Using Hammers to Remove an Install Rail Fastening Clips.doc Safeworking Rules & Procedures 10/10/2008 External
35 Tool and Equipment Inspections Small tools/equipment 22/09/2008 ARTC
34 Using the right Tool Equipment Small tools/equipment 16/09/2008 ARTC
N/A Beware of Roadside Obstacles Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 09/09/2008 External
N/A Leaving Equipment Close to Track Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 20/08/2008 External
33 Working on or Near Culverts General 13/08/2008 ARTC
32 Safety Alert ARTC NSW Plant and Equipment Security NSW No.32 Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 07/07/2008 ARTC
31 Tool Guarding Small tools/equipment 27/05/2008 ARTC
N/A Hi-Rail Maintainer Hi-rail 12/05/2008 ARTC
N/A Hi-Rail Safety – End user Hi-rail 06/05/2008 ARTC
30 Be on the Lookout Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 25/03/2008 ARTC
29 Operating Loading Ramps on Trailers Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 03/03/2008 ARTC
28 Metal Drums General 25/01/2008 ARTC
N/A Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs and Health Issues General 16/01/2008 External
27 Double Line Bi Di Working Safeworking Rules & Procedures 02/01/2008 ARTC
N/A Overhead Crane Beam.doc Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 13/12/2007 External
26 Working on track with Plant and Machinery Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 12/12/2007 ARTC
24 Oxy Gas Thread Tape Small tools/equipment 04/12/2007 ARTC
25 Track Jacks Small tools/equipment 04/12/2007 ARTC
N/A Fire Safety – Celebrate Christmas Safely General 01/12/2007 External
N/A Lightening Strike General 29/11/2007 External
23 Fingers – You Need Them! General 29/10/2007 ARTC
N/A Identifying Fall Hazards General 24/10/2007 External
22 Use of Rail Tongs Small tools/equipment 09/10/2007 ARTC
20 Riding on Rolling Stock General 04/09/2007 ARTC
21 Fire Hot Work Safety General 03/09/2007 ARTC
N/A LP Gas Cylinder Alert General 17/08/2007 External
N/A Safety Devises for Control Lifting of a Crane Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 16/06/2007 External
N/A Damage to Vehicles – Transport Express Bulletin Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 15/06/2007 External
N/A RRV Near-Miss Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 11/04/2007 External
N/A Acetylene Cylinders Exposed to Fire or Mechanical Shock General 01/02/2007 External
19 Bee and Wasp Stings General 23/01/2007 ARTC
18 Tractor and Loader Buckets Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 09/11/2006 ARTC
17 Blow Back Pre Heat Torch Small tools/equipment 01/09/2006 ARTC
16 Track Circuitry between Trains Safeworking Rules & Procedures 16/08/2006 ARTC
15 Track Vehicle Movements Auto Crossing Loops Safeworking Rules & Procedures 19/06/2006 ARTC
14 Auto Signal Passed Safeworking Rules & Procedures 29/05/2006 ARTC
13 Operating and Working Neat Mobile Plant Vehicles/Plant/Equipment 23/05/2006 ARTC
12 Near Miss NAR Safeworking Rules & Procedures 01/03/2006 ARTC
11 SPAD No.11 Safeworking Rules & Procedures 15/11/2005 ARTC
N/A Bushfire Preparation NSW General 13/10/2005 External
N/A Barbeque Safety General 13/10/2005 External
10 Starting Petrol and Diesel Motors Small tools/equipment 01/10/2005 ARTC
9 Rail Safety Track Vehicles over Lxings Safeworking Rules & Procedures 01/08/2005 ARTC
7 Incorrect use of Tools Knives Small tools/equipment 18/07/2005 ARTC
8 Worksite Protection Safeworking Rules & Procedures 15/07/2005 ARTC
1 Foot Injury Pin Puller Small tools/equipment 29/04/2004 ARTC
2 Fitness for Work After Holidays General ARTC
3 Safety Alert Air Hose Safety Clips General ARTC
4 Detonators – Safe Storage General ARTC
5 Riding in the Back of a Utility Vehicles/Plant/Equipment ARTC
6 Hi-Ab Cranes Safe Operations Vehicles/Plant/Equipment ARTC
N/A SSFL – Tensile Chain Incident Vehicles/Plant/Equipment External
Safety-Bulletin-Managing-the-risks-associated-with-roadrail-vehicles Vehicles/Plant/Equipment ARTC

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