Rail Safety Worker Competence

If you’re going to work in our rail corridors, you’ll need to know the rail industry worker roles and relevant competencies. Please follow the steps below to ensure you’re up to date with your requirements.


  • ARTC with other rail operators and the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) are working towards nationalised roles, but these aren’t found here. To see nationalised roles go to the ARA website (http://www.ara.net.au/) to view the ARA matrix.
  • In March 2013 we joined with other operators and the Australasian Railway Association to implement the Rail Industry Worker (RIW) program. This change means all subsequent references to Rail Industry Worker (RIW) include reference to Rail Safety Worker (RSW) and vice versa.



If you’re a contractor, make sure you know whether you need a Rail Industry Worker card.


To apply for a Rail Industry Worker card, go to www.riw.net.au (Please note: this is an independent company managing the national rail industry worker competence system)

Approved medical providers are also found on the Rail Industry Worker website: https://www.riw.net.au/authorised-health-professionals/


For specific ARTC requirements please read the documents below about working in ARTC rail corridors and protocols for entering ARTC rail corridors.

General Business Rules


Select the category of rail safety work you intend to do from the list below.

For training organisations who can deliver units of competencies please refer to:

To identify training organisations who are approved by ARTC to deliver Safeworking training click on the Safeworking link under Step 4.




Issue Title Updated
55 Contractor Communication for NSW Rule Change Training Final 22 Nov 2019


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