Network Control

This page refers to all RIW Network Control roles.

Network Control at ARTC incorporates all roles required to support the movement of trains over the ARTC network.


Identify the role and requirements from the Network Control matrix

NOTE: Matrix identifies minimum requirements. Compliance with these requirements does not mean competence across entire network. Local requirements may still be required.


Add your role to your Onsite profile:


Upload into Onsite evidence to meet the role requirements. Network Control roles include:

Role Description
Network Controller Guide plans and manage the movement of trains over the ARTC network, including: the control and recording of train performance, and the movement of trains and track vehicles over prescribed sections of ARTC’s railway network in accordance with ARTC Safe Working Rules and Procedures.
Terminal Coordinator Operation of Hunter Bulk Terminals and the efficient integration with Network Operations, including: oversee all the activities of contractors and visitors.
Programmers Plan train movements advised by customers and ensure optimal network usage and communicate with customers on planning
Coal Logistics Coordinators Assess ‘live-run’ coal chain events and facilitate the exchange and communication of comprehensive relevant network information between ARTC and other coal chain stakeholders.
Train Transit Managers Management of the transit of trains across the interstate network in accordance with customer access contracts
Operations Support Manager Facilitate both short and long term projects, to ensure optimal utilisation of ARTC’s network and providing operational advice.

Important Information

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