Safe Work Interaction Program

The ARTC Safe Work Interaction Program

The ARTC Safe Work Interaction Program is a critical part of ARTC Safety Leadership developed and implemented to drive safety performance and build upon our existing strong safety culture.

Our objective is that no one is harmed at work or on our network.

Building on existing ARTC safety initiatives, the Safe Work Interaction (SWI) program is a leader-led approach to engaging in two-way conversations at the places where we work which will help us realise a number of objectives including, but not limited to;

    • Building on conversations about safe behaviours to help us improve safe work practices being used on site.
    • Enable everyone to engage in two-way conversations about safety, risk and their work.
    • Opportunity for everyone working in our business to understand what really works and what doesn’t work so that together we can create a safer workplace.
    • Focus has on what is being done well and what we can improve to make everyone safer.
    • It is an opportunity to put into practice our Just and Fair Culture Framework and show that we recognise the value team input has when it comes to simply looking out for one another.

The ARTC SWI Program is being rolled out effective 1 July 2019 across our business and has the full commitment and support from our CEO and Executive Leadership.There are a number of developed tools and further information available below to help introduce you to the SWI Program.

These include:

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