Safety Alerts

For everyone’s safety, it’s important you’re up to date with the latest safety alerts.

The most recent safety alerts are on this page. For previous alerts, please refer to the Archive list.

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Alert Number
(ARTC only)
Name Alert Category Issue Date Issued by
Bulletin 132 Correct use of End of Train Markers Safe working Rules & Procedures 29/07/21 ARTC
Flash Alert 131 Muswellbrook Bridges Project- Falling Object from height Vehicles/Plants/equipment 26/07/2021 ARTC
External Review of long end leading operations Vehicles/Plants/equipment 07/07/2021 ARTC
130 Bomen Incident Safe Working Rules and Procedures 02/07/2021 ARTC
129 Two Road Rail Vehicles on main line without Authority Vehicles/Plant/equipment 11/06/2021 ARTC
128 Walkways General 19/02/2021 ARTC
127 Forklift Pallet Racking Vehicles/plant/equipment 23/10/2020 ARTC
126 Loose Wheel Nuts & ARTC Vehicles Vehicles/plant/equipment 31/08/2020 ARTC
125 Working at Heights Risk Ladder Usage Vehicles/plant/equipment 14/08/2020 ARTC
124 Line of Fire – Lifting Operations Vehicles/plant/equipment 10/08/2020 ARTC
123 Worker struck by excavator Vehicles/plant/equipment 15/06/2020 ARTC
105 Re-Issue Mobile Plant Isolation Vehicle/Plant/Equipment 15/06/2020 ARTC
122 Amendment to Pre-Work Brief Safe working Rules & Procedures 25/03/2020 ARTC
121 Toyota Landcruiser Wheel Inspections Vehicles/plant/equipment 11/03/2020 ARTC
120 Coronavirus #2 Update General 04/03/2020 ARTC
119 Vehicle Roll Over Vehicles/plant/equipment 20/02/2020 ARTC
118 Coronavirus General 31/01/2020 ARTC
117 Registration or Track Maintenance Vehicle Trolleys Safeworking Rules & Procedures 21/01/2019 ARTC
116 DELL Battery Swell General 21/01/2019 ARTC
115 Reissue of ARTC Policies General 21/11/2019 ARTC
114 Rail Clamp Safeworking Rules & Procedures 06/09/2019 ARTC
113 Issuing a TOA over a CSB (NSW only) Safeworking Rules & Procedures 19/07/2019 ARTC
112 UK – Two Rail Workers Killed after Being Hit by a Train General 12/07/2019 ARTC
110 Work Trains Travelling into a Fixed Worksite (Re-issued 08/11/2019) Safeworking Rules & Procedures 04/10/2018 ARTC
102 Safeworking Communication Protocols (Re-issued 08/11/2019) Safeworking Rules & Procedures 02/11/2017 ARTC


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