Safety & Environment Communication

At ARTC we have changed the way we communicate our significant Safety and Environment communications (S&E Communications), with our employees and our contractors.

S&E communications are now shared through the following types of communication;

  • Safety & Environment Flash – Issued within 24 hours of a significant event/incident occurring
  • Safety & Environment Lessons Learnt – Issued when key lessons are learnt from the event/incident and need to be shared to prevent a similar event/incident from occurring
  • Safety & Environment Bulletins – Issued to update the organisation on; Statutory updates, External Regulator Alerts, Internal S&E Campaigns or Instructions.

Previous Safety Alerts are available from Archives.

Notice Number
(ARTC only)
Type of Communication Name Fatal & Severe Risk Issue Date
B0001 Bulletin Train Operating Conditions (TOC) Waivers communicating safety critical information N/A 22/12/2021
134 Flash Alert Motor Vehicle Collision Vehicle Accidents (incl RRV) 20/08/2021
133 Lessons Learnt Worker struck by reversing mobile plant Struck by Mobile Plant 18/08/2021
132 Bulletin Correct use of End of Train Markers N/A 29/07/2021
131 Flash Alert Muswellbrook Bridges Project- Falling Object from height Fall from Height 26/07/2021


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