Safety & Environment Communication

At ARTC we have changed the way we communicate our significant Safety and Environment communications, now known as Health, Safety & Environment Alert (HSE Alert), with our employees and our contractors. HSE Alert is used for communicating an event of significance to ARTC business has occurred via ARTC’s enterprise HSE Platform Horizon360.

Current HSE Alert and previous Safety & Environment Flash, Lessons Learnt and Bulletin shared with external contractors are tabled below.

Previous Safety Alerts are available from Archives.

Notice Number
(ARTC only)
Type of Communication Name Fatal & Severe Risk Issue Date
COMM-0000042 HSE Alert Removal of CERT’s status as an ARTC Approved Technical Training Provider 10/04/2024
COMM-0000037 HSE Alert Skilled Rail Services (Programmed Rail) Reinstatement 15/03/2024
COMM-0000026 HSE Alert Changing direction on running lines while shunting Rail Traffic Collision 31/01/2024
COMM-0000020 HSE Alert Temporary Removal of CERT’s status as an ARTC Approved Technical Training Provider for Safeworking Training 22/12/2023
B0022 Bulletin Red Imported Fire Ants 13/09/2023
F0044 Flash Alert Securing Manually Operated Catch Points Rail Traffic Collision 18/07/2023
L0012 Lessons Learnt Inland Rail: N2NS SP1 – Near Miss Train to Vehicle Struck by Rail Traffic 06/06/2023
B0019 Bulletin Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Procedure 29/03/2023
L0011 Lessons Learnt Struck by Mobile Plant (FSR 05) and Crushed by a Crane or Lifted Load (FSR 08) Struck by Mobile Plant & Crushed by a Crane or Lifted Load 27/03/2023
F0037 Flash Alert WHS incident – Worker collision with oncoming oversized load on public road Vehicle Accidents (incl RRV) 07/02/2023
B0015 Bulletin Demarcation Fencing Procedure 16/12/2022
B0010 Bulletin ARTC Adjacent Line Requirements Struck by Rail Traffic 31/08/2022
L0010 Lessons Learnt ARTC Contractor RRV’s placed on track outside of Safeworking Protection Struck by Rail Traffic 22/08/2022
F0022 Flash Alert Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and other livestock diseases N/A 08/08/2022
L0008 Lessons Learnt N2NS SP1 – Worker Struck by Truck Struck by Mobile Plant 06/05/2022
L0007 Lessons Learnt Active Level Crossing failed to operate for Train Struck by Rail Traffic 22/04/2022
F0016 Flash Alert Picton Safe Working Breach – Train to RMV Collision Risk Struck by Rail Traffic 20/04/2022
F0009 Flash Alert Safeworking Incident – Hi-Rail Left Unprotected on Track Struck by Rail Traffic 09/03/2022
B0001 Bulletin Train Operating Conditions (TOC) Waivers communicating safety critical information N/A 22/12/2021
134 Flash Alert Motor Vehicle Collision Vehicle Accidents (incl RRV) 20/08/2021
133 Lessons Learnt Worker struck by reversing mobile plant Struck by Mobile Plant 18/08/2021
132 Bulletin Correct use of End of Train Markers N/A 29/07/2021
131 Flash Alert Muswellbrook Bridges Project- Falling Object from height Fall from Height 26/07/2021


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