Safety Policy

Safety is at heart of everything we do. We don’t want anyone to be harmed working on our network and we’re committed to achieving this through safe working practices at our end and yours.

Our Goal

No one is harmed at work or on our network.

Our Commitment

No Harm is an ARTC value; our objective is that no-one is harmed at work or on our network.

In order to achieve No Harm, ARTC is committed to a Pathway to Zero in the following practical ways:

  • providing tools to support the identification of risk as appropriate to work activity
  • establishing and maintaining communication, consultation and coordination with and between our employees, contractors, and relevant stakeholders
  • providing information, instruction and training to develop worker capabilities and competence
  • providing plant, equipment and personal protective equipment as suitable to undertake work
  • establishing and maintaining measureable and achievable objectives and targets
  • promoting safe behaviours and a positive safety culture
  • monitoring performance and implementation of requirements to ensure continuous improvement
  • maintaining a Safety Management System that is accessible and user-friendly
  • ensuring our processes and work practices are in line with the requirements of applicable laws


To achieve No Harm and work with us on a Pathway to Zero, workers and visitors must:

  • display safe behaviors and promote a positive safety culture
  • be fit for work and not start or continue work where it is not safe to do so
  • follow our Safety Management System and all reasonable instructions
  • work safely at all times and take care for the safety of others
  • report any hazards, near misses, or incidents, including unsafe acts, and
  • communicate openly and honestly with us and each other


Safety Policy

Number Title Updated
COR-PO-001 Safety Policy Jan 2024


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