ARTC: Construction Started on New Nammoona Crossing Loop

“A new crossing loop at Nammoona just north of Casino is being built as part of the North South Investment Strategy of the Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd (ARTC) to facilitate 1500 metre freight trains to travel between Sydney and Brisbane

The new crossing loop at Nammoona will be completed in July and involves the existing Main line being used as a rail crossing loop with a new section of Main line to be constructed on the western side of the rail corridor. Other project works will involve duplication of the underbridge and replacement or extension of the three existing culverts.

“This project provides for the construction of a long loop that will allow the crossing of 1500m freight trains providing for more efficient operations.” David Marchant Chief Executive of ARTC said.

“ The lack of longer crossing loops on the North Coast line has limited some trains to 700 to 800 metre lengths. The North Coast Improvement project will improve the overall efficiency of rail movement between Sydney and Brisbane by providing many more locations where longer freight trains can pass on the North Coast Line.

As part of ARTC’s $2 billion investment in the North South interstate rail network from Brisbane to Melbourne, ARTC will build 4 new crossing loops and extend 10 existing crossing loops on the North Coast Line to increase efficiency for rail freight transport to allow train operators to consistently run longer 1500metre freight trains.

In addition as part of the program on the North Coast Line, 18 existing 1500 metre crossing loops will also be upgraded, and the line will be fully concrete sleepered along with rehabilitation work on bridges and other structures.

At the conclusion of ARTC’s 3 year North South investment strategy transit times from Sydney to Brisbane for 1500 metre superfreighters are estimated to decrease by nearly 4 hours from 19 hours 22 minutes to 15 hours 30 minutes.

13 February 2007


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