This page is for Contractors (Vendors, including Suppliers) who are seeking engagement with ARTC to supply goods and or services.

If Supplying standard goods and services, on a purchase order, please see ARTC’s Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

If you are a Trust read ARTC statement.

All new Contractors need to:

  1. Complete the New Vendor Form,
  2. If a Sole Trader, you will need to complete and supply with the New Vendor Form, the Sole Trader Questionnaire.
  3. Send New Vendor Form (and Sole Trader Questionnaire if required) to the ARTC representative (see Note) who is seeking to engage you.


Contractors who work within our rail corridors, or provide other high-risk services, will need to be registered and compliant in ARTC’s Contractor Compliance System (Avetta).

ARTC has partnered​ with Avetta to collect and audit safety and commercial data, to ensure contractors are pre-qualified and compliant with our safety requirements.

Data to be collected include:

  • Company information
  • Insurances
  • Safety manuals
  • Trade & Technical capabilities, and
  • Safety statistics, etc

As each contract is created or amended, a check will be done to assess whether the scope requires Avetta compliance.

Note: Details on Contractor Compliance System requirements and use refer to ARTC Procedure: FPR-GL-042 – Business Rules for ARTC Contractor Compliance System.

Any enquiries

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