System Assumptions & Relevant System Assumptions

The Systems Assumptions for each calendar year are available on the HVCCC Website.

Where ARTC disagrees with any System Assumption, it will publish that System Assumption on the ARTC website, together with the grounds for disagreement and supporting documentation and the System Assumption that ARTC reasonably believes should apply.

ARTC will continue to work closely with the HVCCC in the development and finalisation of System Assumptions for each calendar year.

The HVAU requires ARTC to publish on it’s website (subject to any confidentiality restrictions) the following Relevant System Assumptions which have been provided to, or agreed with, the HVCCC:-

  1. ARTC track including path numbers;
  2. live run management;
  3. ARTC system losses;
  4. maintenance intervention;
  5. train parking capacity (for shut downs);
  6. section run times;
  7. maximum train length;
  8. maximum train axle load;
  9. maximum train speed; and
  10. any other assumptions reasonably determined by ARTC from time to time as necessary for the purposes of determining Capacity.

These Relevant System Assumptions form an element of the assumptions and information utilised by the HVCCC for Capacity Planning each calendar year.

As the detail of these Relevant System Assumptions is contained within numerous documents published on the ARTC website, ARTC has prepared the below reference document which provides hyperlinks to the source documents and website pages.

Number Title Effective Posted
2012 Relevant System Assumptions 24 Oct 2012 24 Oct 2012

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