Interstate Network Possessions Management

The planning, approval and management of track possessions on the Interstate Network is a collaborative process between Operations, Asset Management and other stakeholders to achieve maximum track access time without severely impacting planned train movements.

The Interstate Possessions Team communicate with all affected stakeholders to plan train alterations and approve track access requests. The Interstate Possessions Team updates the Interstate Possessions Calendar on a monthly basis. The calendar details all approved and proposed track possession requests.

Interstate Possession Documents
Title Last Updated Version
Interstate Possessions Calendar  22/12/2021 End of December Release
Interstate Annual Possession Plan (2021-2022)  24/11/2021 11
Interstate Annual Possession Plan (2021-2022) Change Log V10 to V11  24/11/2021 1
Interstate Annual Possession Plan (2022-2023)  25/11/2021 2
Interstate Annual Possession Plan (2022-2023) Change Log V1 to V2  25/11/2021 1

Track possession applications are subject to minimum application periods and various other factors before approval is given to conduct the works. The Interstate Possessions Team will only accept track access applications from nominated ARTC Personnel. External Parties should contact their nominated ARTC contact person, or visit our ‘Contact Us’ page for more information.

Forms & Procedures
Title Type Last Updated Version
OPE-FM-041 Possession Request Form Form (Excel Format) 01/03/2021 1.1
OPE-PR-045 Interstate Possession Planning & Approval Procedure 15/03/2021 2.0
Network Information Books (NIBs)
NSW SAFE Notices
SA / WA / VIC Standing Train Notices
Train Alteration Advices (TAAs)
WE30 SNA Configuration 16 Possession January 22
WE30 Config 16 Possession Pack
WE30 Config 16 Possession Matrix
WE30 Config 16 CTM
WE30 Config 16 Possession Maps
WE30 Config 16 TAA Information

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