Interstate Network Possessions Management

The planning, approval and management of track possessions on the Interstate Network is a collaborative process between Operations, Asset Management and other stakeholders to achieve maximum track access time without severely impacting planned train movements.

The Interstate Possessions Team communicate with all affected stakeholders to plan train alterations and approve track access requests. The Interstate Possessions Team updates the Interstate Possessions Calendar on a monthly basis. The calendar details all approved and proposed track possession requests.

 Interstate Possession Documents
 Title  Last Updated  Version
Interstate Possessions Calendar  23/05/2024  May 2024 Update
Interstate Disruptive Possessions Plan (FY23/24)  23/04/2024  7
Interstate Disruptive Possessions Plan (FY24/25)  23/04/2023  2
Possession Impact Maps (WE45-53 2024)  23/04/2024  N/A

*Should discrepancies exist between documents, please refer to the Interstate Possessions Calendar for accurate information

Track possession applications are subject to minimum application periods and various other factors before approval is given to conduct the works. The Interstate Possessions Team will only accept track access applications from nominated ARTC Personnel. External Parties should contact their nominated ARTC contact person, or visit our ‘Contact Us’ page for more information.

Interstate Possession Management Interactive Map

The Interstate Possession Management Interactive Map is designed to provide users a visual guide for the locations and configurations of the various Interstate Possessions. By clicking on the relevant possession, the details pertaining to that possession are available including the possession start/finish dates and times.

Please Note. The Possession information is subject to change without notice. The Interstate Possession Calendar, Train Alteration Advice (TAA) and Train Notice should always be used to confirm possession details including dates, times, and limits. 


 WE49 Southerland Highlands Maintenance Window – Glenfield to Goulburn (1st June 2024)  Last Updated  Version
 WE49 SHMW Information Pack  29/05/2024  1
 WE49 SHMW Possession Matrix  30/05/2024  1
 WE49 SHMW CTM  30/05/2024  2
 WE49 SHMW TAA 0692-2024   17/05/2024  1
 WE49 SHMW Possession Map  30/05/2024  2
 Coordinated Worksite Plan (CWS 1)  30/05/2024  1
 WE49 Configuration 16 Possession – Unanderra to Mossvale (31st May – 3rd June 2024)  Last Updated  Version
 WE49 Config 16 Information Pack  30/05/2024  1
 WE49 Config 16 Possession Matrix  30/05/2024  1
 WE49 Config 16 CTM  30/05/2024  2
 WE49 Config 16 TAA 0623-2024 Amendment 1  24/05/2024  2
 WE49 Safe Notice ARTC and Sydney Trains Local Possession Authority Protection Arrangements 2-5547  07/05/2024  1
 WE49 Config 16 Possession Map  31/05/2024  3
 Coordinated Worksite Plan (CWS 1)  29/05/2024  1
 Coordinated Worksite Plan (CWS 2)  29/05/2024  1
 WE50 Configuration 9 Possession – Telarah to Acacia Ridge (8th June – 10th June 2024)  Last Updated  Version
 WE50 Config 9 Information Pack
 WE50 Config 9 Possession Matrix
 WE50 Config 9 CTM
 WE50 Config 9 TAA 0390-2024  24/05/2024  1
 WE50 Safe Notice Stabling of QUBE Train Boambee Beach 2-5552  15/05/2024  1
 WE50 Config 9 Possession Map
 Coordinated Worksite Plan (CWS 1)
 Network Information Books (NIBs)
 NSW SAFE Notices
 SA / WA / VIC Standing Train Notices
 Train Alteration Advice (TAAs)

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