Interstate Network Possessions Management

The management and approval of track possessions on the Interstate Network is a collaborative process between Operations, Asset Management, Rail Operators, and other stakeholders to achieve maximum track access time without severely impacting train movements.

External parties wanting to conduct activities within the rail corridor or want to conduct activities adjacent to the rail corridor that has a potential to impact the rail corridor should contact the relevant ARTC Corridor Possessions person, prior to the works commencing.

Corridor Possessions Contacts
Telarah – Acacia Ridge    Corridor (TAR) Peter Lee 02 6691 7912
0408 863 560
Sydney – Ivanhoe – Albury  Corridor (SIA) Deane Thrower 0477 385 470
Melbourne – Serviceton –  Albury Corridor (MSA) To Be Advised

 Please contact:

Kalgoorlie – Serviceton –  Ivanhoe Corridor (KSI) To Be Advised  Please contact:

The Interstate Possessions Team communicate with all affected stakeholders to plan train alterations and approve track access requests. The Interstate Possessions Team publishes a Monthly Possessions Calendar that details all track possession requests.

Track possession applications are subject to minimum application periods and various other factors before approval is given to conduct the works. The Interstate Possessions Team will only accept track access applications from nominated ARTC Personnel. External Parties should contact one of the above Corridor Possessions Contacts for more information.

For all enquiries relating to the Possessions Programme & Train Alterations, please contact:

Interstate Possessions Contacts
 John Hilton Possessions Coordinator Kalgoorlie  – Acacia Ridge  (02) 6930 6005
 0400 739 192
 Bryce Gore Possessions Coordinator NERL Project & Inland Rail (Victoria)  08) 8115 7924
 0427 459 054
 Jenny Dray Possessions Coordinator Inland Rail (NSW & QLD)  (02) 4978-9874
 0448 236 216
Title Last Updated Version
Interstate Possessions Calendar  25/08/2020  September
Interstate Annual Possession Map  25/08/2020  3.0
Network Information Books (NIBs)
NSW SAFE Notices
SA / WA / VIC Standing Train Notices
Train Alteration Advices (TAAs)
Closedown information
Title TAA Impact Statement
Sydney – Albury / Goobang Junction (04-07 September 2020) Link  Impact Map – Sydney to Melbourne   Closedown September 2020
Albury – Tottenham (05-07 September 2020) Link  Impact Map – Sydney to Melbourne   Closedown September 2020
Title Applicable Corridor/s Last Updated Version
 Possession Request Form  All  02/09/2020 1.0
Config 14 and NSW Super Possession’
Config 14 & Super Possession Sept 2020 Induction Pack
Interstate Template 2020 Possession Works Matrix
Possession Maps 

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