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Safeworking Services Framework

The Safeworking Services Framework is now in effect. It includes a new Safeworking Services Panel from which ARTC, its contractors and external parties will be required to source safeworking resources. Any organisation that provides safeworking services, as part of its tendered scope of works, must use an authorised provider. Authorised providers include either a member of ARTC’s Safeworking Services Panel or be an authorised self-performer organisation (SPO).

Any person or organisation that is required to work within the rail corridor will need to be registered and approved within the ARTC Contractor Compliance system, Avetta. For more information on establishing an Avetta connection with ARTC, including required documentation and costs, read FPR-GL-042 – Business Rules for ARTC Contractor Compliance System.

The transition period, supporting the implementation of this framework, has now concluded. All contracted works requiring safeworking services must utilise authorised providers and have agreements in place before entering the ARTC Rail Corridor. Please review requirements for Accessing the Rail Corridor. Prior to commencing works, it is also recommended that documents relating to Rail Safety, Pre-Work Brief and Worksite Protection are reviewed. These are located under Policies, Forms and Procedures below.

Refer to the guidelines for contractor management and rail safety:

Further information on Non-Technical Skills training for Contractors can be found here.

Safeworking Services Panel

Organisations engages to supply Safeworking Services, by Rule Book, are identified on the Safeworking Services Panel Page.

Self-Performer Organisations

A self-performer organisation (SPO) must employ safeworking personnel. This employment must be on a permanent full-time or permanent part-time basis.
The safeworker must have the self-performer organisation listed as their primary registration on the RIW system.

SPO applications can be made at any time once a connection has been made in Avetta.
Organisations should consider making an application to become an SPO if they:

  • hold a contract with ARTC for scopes of work/services that include safeworking services, as part of a broader scope
  • employ safeworkers on a full-time or part-time basis
  • have safeworker employee who hold their primary RIW registration with the organisation.

Once authorised, SPOs must continue to meet the requirements of RLS-SP-001 – Self-Performer Organisations for Safeworking Services Specification.

Policies, Forms and Procedures

Rail Safety

Pre-Work Brief and Worksite Protection

Environmental Health and Safety

Finance and Procurement

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